Year Round Beers

Homeport Blonde

Clean and crisp, balanced with a light body and subdued fruitiness

Color: Light, Blonde
Aroma: Faint Lemon
Hops: Nuggets and Tettnanger
17 IBUs
4.6% ABV

Amber Ale

Medium-bodied, caramel flavor and crisp hop finish

Color: Deep bronze
Aroma: Spicy
Hops: Mt. Hood and Willamette
23 IBUs
5.1% ABV

Gale Force IPA

Classic Washington IPA, aggressive hop flavor with a medium malt body

Color: Light copper
Aroma: Floral
Hops: Columbus, Goldings, and Cascades
96 IBUs
5.6 ABV


Full bodied with a creamy chocolate, roast coffee finish

Color: Midnight black
Aroma: Mocha
Hops: Cascade
20 IBUs
5.8 ABV

Hoptopia Imperial IPA

Unbridled hop flavor balanced by a strong malt backbone

Color: Dark gold
Aroma: Robust hop aroma
Hops: Cascade, Centennial, Chinook & Columbus
75 IBUs
8% ABV


American-style wheat ale with a medium body and creamy finish

Color: Light, straw
Aroma: Malty with citrus undertones
Hops: Cascade and Hallertau
10 IBUs
4.7% ABV

KEXP Transistor IPA

Session-friendly West Coast IPA with pleasant floral and woody hop flavors

Color: Gold
Hops: Columbus, Chinook, Glacier, and Nugget
68 IBU’s
5.6% ABV

Seasonal Beers

Tripel 7

A Belgian-style tripel, smooth and delicate, finishes dry with a hint of tartness

Color: Dark gold, slight copper
Aroma: Delicate clove and banana esters, hints of white pear
Hops: Bullion and CZ Saaz
11 IBUs
8.96% ABV

10 Below

An Imperial Dunkelweiss spiced with molasses with a medium body and rich chocolate finish

Color: Dark brown/black
Aroma: Crisp citrus
Hops: Mt. Hood & American Sazz
22 IBUs
7.4% ABV

Charlie Noble