For Taproom music event inquiries, call Ryan at 206.679.0848 or email [email protected]

Cliff notes:

Sundays, Mondays and during NON-BUSINESS HOURS – No rental fee
$100 minimum spent per hour for a 3 hour minimum.

We try to avoid closing the taproom for parties while other guests expect us to be open, so we price our rental fee to reflect this and encourage you to host your party outside our business hours. If your group is 50 or fewer, you can host your party here while leaving the taproom open to public without any fees.

To close the taproom for a private event DURING BUSINESS HOURS incurs a “closing” fee:
Wednesdays – $400 rental fee + $100 minimum spent per hour for a 3 hour minimum
Fridays and Saturdays – $600 rental fee + $100 minimum spent per hour for a 3 hour minimum
We do not accept private reservations during business hours on Thursdays while we are offering $2 pints.

Our business hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 2 pm to 9 pm.

The $100 minimum is the average your private party as a whole must spend per hour. A 3 hour reservation must spend $300 total. The party host will be billed a rental fee to reach the minimum if it is not met.

  • For all private taproom reservations (the taproom is closed to the public), there is a $100 per hour minimum with a 3 hour minimum. So the party must spend at least $300. The minimum is before tax.
    • If you stay longer than your scheduled reservation, the minimum is increased $50 after each half hour.
    • The bartender will settle any remaining minimum with the party host at the end of the party.
  • For private parties that wish have the taproom closed to public when we are regularly open, we charge a “closing fee” in addition to the $100 minimum per hour (still 3 hour minimum).
    $400 on Wednesdays/Thursdays, and $600 on Fridays/Saturdays (before tax).

    • This fee occurs if we close for your party for any length of time. Even if it is just for the first/last hour we are regularly open.
    • Fee must be paid upon reservation or as soon as possible and is fully refundable up to 8 days before the reservation.
      • Fee is only half refundable if canceled within 7 days of reserved date.
      • Fee is non-refundable if cancelled within 48 hours of reserved date.
      • Rescheduling is considered a cancellation. The closing fee of your new rescheduled event will be 50% off if applicable.
    • This fee does not apply on these days if their party takes place before or after our regular open hours and does not interfere with the taproom schedule.
  • Our taproom does not serve food. However all outside food is welcome; Doesn’t matter if catered/delivered/food truck/etc. Or if the party is public or private. We can cater. Please contact our restaurant for more details.
  • We can open the doors a half hour before your reserved time for setting up the party. This time will not count towards the minimum. Bar service should not be expected during this time (but is allowed). Set-up time beyond the half hour will count towards the minimum.
    • All parties are required to clean up their own decorations and food.  We can remain open for an additional half hour after the party without a minimum. There will be no bar service during this time.
  • We are a working brewery, as such; we cannot guarantee full access to the area just outside the taproom (the “courtyard”) during the weekdays before 5:00 PM, nor can we guarantee it will be quiet. The brewers will try to work with your schedule if possible, but please get confirmation with us first if the party requires the courtyard before confirming the reservation for weekday afternoons/mornings.
  • As an alternative to renting the taproom, you may bring your group to the taproom during normal business hours and leave the taproom open to public. We do not charge any fees or minimum, and your group can use the space as you wish so long as they are respectful to our other guests. We just ask that you let us know a couple weeks ahead of time, and that your guests leave the bar seating open for other guests.
A few basic rules
  • You are expected to clean up any decorations you may have brought for the party.
    • No glitter or confetti is allowed.
  • Guests are strictly forbidden from entering the brewery floor (different colored cement) or crossing any barriers unless accompanied by one of our brewers.
  • You may not “castle” the king if either the king or the rook have moved at all, if the king is in check, or there are pieces between the king and rook.
  • Pets are allowed if house trained. They must be kept on a leash if outside the main taproom.
  • Kids are allowed if house trained. They must be kept on a leash if outside the main taproom and are a flight risk.
  • For any public parties (the taproom is not closed to other guests), we ask that you leave the bar table seating open to other guests.