Our Taproom is located at 3314 Cedar Street. This is a completely different location from our Restaurant on the Marina. For Taproom rental details and prices, please use the contact form on the right.

  • Tabs may be paid in a number of ways designated by the host:
    • Cash Bar: All guests are responsible for paying their own tabs.
    • Hosted Bar: The host pays for the tabs of all guests. Hosted tabs include an 18% gratuity.
    • Ticketed Bar: The host distributes drink tickets to their guests and all drinks purchased using a ticket will be placed on the hosts tab. Guests are responsible for paying for drinks purchased without a ticket. The hosts tab will include an 18% gratuity.
    • The host may limit what may be bought in a hosted bar or with tickets.
  • Our taproom does not serve food. However all outside food is welcome; Doesn’t matter if catered/delivered/food truck/potluck/etc.
  • We are a working brewery; as such, we cannot guarantee it will be quiet before 6pm.
  • The event space for private events comfortably sits 35-40 people.
A few basic rules
  • Hard alcohol and spirits are not allowed upon the premises under any circumstances.
  • You are expected to clean up any decorations you may have brought for the party.
    • Absolutely not glitter or confetti is allowed.
  • Guests are strictly forbidden from entering the brewery floor (different colored cement) or crossing any barriers unless accompanied by one of our brewers, as guests in areas that are off-limits risk permanent injury.
  • Pets are allowed if house trained and no guests present are allergic. They must be kept on a leash if outside the main taproom, as loose pets running in areas off-limits risk permanent injury.
  • Minors are allowed if house trained and no guests present are allergic. Please keep a very close eye on your children outside the taproom as loose children running in areas off-limits risk permanent injury.