For Taproom music event inquiries, call Ryan at 206.679.0848 or email [email protected] or all other events, please use the contact form on the right.

Prices for reserving the taproom may vary depending upon the type of party and the time of the party.

  • For all private taproom reservations, There will be a minimum amount your party will be expected to pay during your stay, depending upon the party and length.
    • If you stay longer than your scheduled reservation, the minimum is increased after each half hour.
    • If your party did not reach the minimum, the bartender will charge the host a fee equal to the amount needed to reach the minimum with an 18% gratuity.
  • Tabs may be paid in a number of ways designated by the host:
    • Cash Bar: All guests are responsible for paying their own tabs.
    • Hosted Bar: The host pays for the tabs of all guests. Hosted tabs include an 18% gratuity.
    • Ticketed Bar: The host distributes drink tickets to their guests and all drinks purchased using a ticket will be placed on the hosts tab. Guests are responsible for paying for drinks purchased without a ticket. The hosts tab will include an 18% gratuity.
    • The host may limit what may be bought in a hosted bar or with tickets.
  • Our taproom does not serve food. However all outside food is welcome; Doesn’t matter if catered/delivered/food truck/potluck/etc. Or if the party is public or private.
    • We can cater. Please contact our restaurant for more details.
  • We can open the doors a half hour before your reserved time for setting up the party. This time will not count towards the minimum. Bar service should not be expected during this time (but is allowed). Set-up time beyond the half hour will count towards the minimum.
    • All parties are required to clean up their own decorations and food.  We can remain open for an additional half hour after the party without a minimum. There will be no bar service during this time.
  • We are a working brewery; as such, we cannot guarantee full access to the warehouse area just outside the taproom during the weekdays before 5:00 PM, nor can we guarantee it will be quiet. The brewers will try to work with your schedule if possible, but please get confirmation with us first if the party requires warehouse space before confirming the reservation for weekday mornings and afternoons.
  • As an alternative to renting the taproom, you may bring your group to the taproom during normal business hours and leave the taproom open to public. Fees may or may not apply, depending upon your party and your required use of the space. We just ask that you let us know at least two weeks ahead of time, and that your guests leave the bar seating open for other guests.
  • The taproom itself can comfortably have about 45 guests, and there is roughly 800 square feet of warehouse space adjacent to the taproom that will be available to you as well.
    • if you need more room than the additional 800 square feet, we can completely empty the warehouse for you to give you about 1,600 square feet in addition to the taproom. This does come with an additional fee and is typically only available on the weekends. Four months notice will also be required.
A few basic rules
  • Hard alcohol and spirits are not allowed upon the premises under any circumstances.
  • You are expected to clean up any decorations you may have brought for the party.
    • Absolutely, positively, indubitably and without question, will no glitter or confetti be allowed.
  • Guests are strictly forbidden from entering the brewery floor (different colored cement) or crossing any barriers unless accompanied by one of our brewers as guests in areas that are off-limits risk permanent injury.
  • You may not “castle” the king if either the king or the rook have moved during the game, or if the king is in check, or there are pieces between the king and rook.
  • Pets are allowed if house trained and no guests present are allergic. They must be kept on a leash if outside the main taproom, as loose pets running in areas off-limits risk permanent injury.
  • Kids are allowed if house trained and no guests present are allergic. They must be kept on a leash if outside the main taproom and are a flight risk, as loose children running in areas off-limits risk permanent injury.
  • For any public parties (the taproom is not closed to other guests), we ask that you leave the bar table seating open to other guests outside your party.