Kegs to Go

Pick up and return kegs to the brewery at 3310 Cedar St, Everett, WA, 98201.
If you go to the restaurant for a keg you will only get a funny look. And maybe some food.

Phone: 425-252-2829

Email: (please call if you need a response within 48 hours)

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Half barrel (full keg):
Standard brews : $170
Premium brews(Seasonal & high ABV): $180.00

Quarter barrel (pony keg):

Standard : $110 – Premium : $120

We can also fill your personal sixth barrel cornelius kegs : $70.00
(smaller kegs are $13.50 per gallon)

All prices are BEFORE tax.

Brewery Hours

Our brewery is open for keg pickups and drop offs on Monday through Friday: 10am – 6pm, Saturday: 12pm – 9pm

Tap and Tub

If you need a tap and tub we’ll loan it to you at no charge with your keg rental – all you’ll need is ice.

Kegerator Customers

We understand you’ll need extra time – we allow kegerator owners to keep our kegs for up to six months!

Jockey Box Rentals

We rent jockey boxes for your parties. Complete CO2 systems – a cooler with a cold plate inside that chills the beer and prevents foam issues and flat beer. It comes with a CO2 tank and regulator that’s ready to go and is easy to use. Highly recommended for formal or multi-day events.

Doubles: $50 per week
Singles: $40 per week

Due to the limited number of units we have available, jockey box rentals are available only with keg purchases.


You buy the beer but borrow the keg shell. We hold a credit card number as deposit, but will not charge it if everything is returned to us before the overdue date.

Corny Kegs

Skip the paperwork and fill your own corny kegs with our beer (or root beer)!
Please allow us up to 48 hours to fill the keg depending upon the readiness of the beer you want.
Kegs must be cleaned and sanitized before dropping them off.

Keg Request Form

Reserve your keg ahead of time to ensure that you get the size and style of beer you want. Reserving kegs at least a week in advance is highly encouraged. If you need a response within 48 hours, please call instead.